New project for a new year

The seven dates for the Project 2017 Saturday group sessions have now been confirmed. Here are the dates and current vacancies.

January 14th 2017 :  FULLY BOOKED     

February 25th 2017: FULLY BOOKED 

April 8th 2017 : FULLY BOOKED 

May 20th 2017 : FULLY BOOKED  

July 1st 2017 : one vacancy 

August 12th 2017 : three vacancies

September 23rd 2017 : FULLY BOOKED 

Project 2017

This site has been created for the writers who have joined the ongoing writers’ group, Project 2017, organised by Sue Boyle.  There will be regular Posts  about the project including digests of the six-weekly group sessions in the Open House Centre in Manvers Street, Bath.

Under the WRITERS heading, each member of the group has a dropdown Page to outline their work so far, update on their new book and magazine publications, flag up guest readings, share photographs, write about their current project and publish extracts from ongoing work.