Season of mists …..

and certainly fruitfulness for the wonderful Bath Writers & Artists Group!

The October meetup is fully programmed now and we are looking forward to another excellent afternoon on 6th October with seasoned performers and new friends. The full programme details are now on the 6th October Page. ( Please click link.)

Remarkable to realise that our four 2018 meetups will soon have hosted SIX launch readings – MICHAEL LOVEDAY’S launch on Saturday is following in the dazzling footsteps of books by SUE SIMS’ son, DR MARK SIMS, poet novelists CLAIRE DYER and SHIRLEY WRIGHT and pamphlet poets ANN PRESTON and VERONA BASS.

Spurred on by their examples, perhaps, four hopeful first-time novelists will be appearing on Saturday, talking about their projects and inviting questions from the audience. This will be Bath Writers & Artists’ first Q&A session and I am very grateful to poet-artist NIKKI KENNA for offering to manage it with KINDNESS, FAIRNESS and FEROCITY.

The October meetup is also hosting some remarkable specially written contributions on the theme of home and a powerful concert of readings from major writers on the theme of wilderness, compiled from pieces submitted by members of the group.


Chaqmaqtin photo by Matthieu Paley


I am delighted to be showcasing CAROLINE FRANCES-KING’S forthcoming talk at the BRLSI on the evening before our meetup.  (You can read much fuller details on her Page.) I am hoping to persuade Caroline to present some of her work to us in a future meetup – with November in mind because her botanical adventures would team up so eloquently with the presentation of The Letters from Mexico – whose artist, JUDE WISDOM has already agreed to answer questions about her work , following an appreciation generously written for the November afternoon by ANN PRESTON, author of  A North East Light. 

I am delighted, too, that Bath Writers & Artists may soon have a visit from PETER REASON, who is proposing to help design a hugely  important day for us next year inspired by the question from the great poet Mahmoud Darwish. ( For ‘poetry’, of course, we will be also reading ‘art’.)




To recover from ecological disaster, we humans must transform our sense of who we are in relation to the Earth. In Search of Grace is the story of an ecological pilgrimage in my small yacht, Coral, from the south coast of England round the west coast of Ireland to the far north of Scotland. It explores themes of pilgrimage: the overall pattern of separation from the everyday, venturing forth, and returning home. It tells of meeting wildlife, visiting sacred places, confronting danger, expanding and deepening experience of time, of silence, of fragility


Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 13.00.17

Peter Reason

In his years at the University of Bath, Peter Reason rose to prominance as a brave pioneer of Action Research–a participative approach to scholarly and whole life inquiry, that refuted narrow reductionism. Now, in this meditatively written and rich interwoven account, he takes his inquiry futher. Sailing his boat around the seas of Celtic lands, he gains insights into these our troubled times, as glimpsed through the cracks of a deeper grace belonging to this planet Earth. Alastair McIntosh, author of Poacher’s Pilgrimage: An Island Journey



A huge welcome to this blog to the members of Moor Poets who came to the Sharing Our Bright Fields workshop in Devon on 14th September and are now allowing me to see some of the marvellous poems they began that day.  Such good writers, devoting themselves to such a good topic, with prompts from such masters of the craft…. it is a real privilege to invite them to join our blog and – perhaps – one day, to join us not just in virtual but in ‘real’ reality.

sue boyle 30 september 2018






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