Meetup 28th July

Saturday 28th July : JOURNEYS

Please note that Emily Wilson will be introducing her highly acclaimed new translation of the Odyssey at Bath Assembly Rooms on 26th May during the Bath Festival.  We will be using the Odyssey as the keynote text for our afternoon.

FROM THE FESTIVAL WEBSITE: To the Western world’s first great adventure story, The Odyssey, comes its first female translator, classicist Emily Wilson, whose sprightly and fresh version is already garnering huge praise. Join her and hear extended readings from Homer’s epic tale of war, violence and the long journey home – themes that remain as pressing now as they ever were.


FROM THE BOOK TABLE : Journeys from Ama Bolton, Sue Boyle, Sue Chadd, Michael Loveday, Linda Saunders, Tessa Strickland, and other subscribers who have books on the book table.

AMA BOLTON reports back on her journey to  St Kilda.

ODYSSEY: A multi-media retelling from authors old and new.  Contributions ahead of time warmly invited from subscribers and members of the audience.