Who are we?

This site has been created for the writers and artists who have joined the Bath Writers and Artists Group currently organised by Sue Boyle.  There will be regular Posts  about the new project including advance programmes and feedback reports on the bi-monthly meetups in the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution  in Queen Square, Bath.

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BATH WRITERS & ARTISTS is a collaborative group who meet together bi-monthly to celebrate their love of good writing, explore ideas about writing and visual art, and to showcase their own and enjoy each others’ work. Our afternoon meetups are open to anyone who wants to come, but ‘stage time’ is reserved for people who are playing an active part in the shaping and development of the group.

This tends to mean people who are coming fairly regularly to meetups ….AND/OR ….keeping up with and enriching what goes on the blog ….AND/OR….responding to call outs for material and suggestions ….AND/OR…. introducing new people to the group….AND  generally supporting our enterprise.  It is not essential to want to perform on meetup afternoons.

The BRLSI room hire this year has generously been covered by the twenty subscribers, who also have morning workshop and book launch entitlement.

The regularly updated  Subscribers & Afternoon Contributors Page  (click link) will give you an idea of the kinds of contributions different people are making to the group. We are ALWAYS delighted to welcome new people into this ‘active’ group. It is difficult to participate fully in our activities if you are resistant to using email and internet.


Reading of Voltaire’s L’Orphelin de la Chine (a tragedy about Ghengis Khan and his sons, published in 1755), in the salon of Madame Geoffrin (Malmaison, 1812).

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The SUBSCRIBERS Page gives access to linked pages  where group writers and artists can introduce themselves, share photographs, write about their current project and publish extracts from ongoing work. Most often, people like to update their own Pages by becoming editors of the blog.

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Individual mentoring and small group sessions are limited this year by my other commitments.  Before you book in for these, please think hard about whether they will really be of use! If you would like me to work with you on a project, do first ask me to put you in touch with other people I have worked with recently. They can give you frank opinions whether they found the process was worth the cost. A two hour individual mentoring session with Sue Boyle costs £50.

Individual tutorials and mentoring are, of course, also offered by The Poetry School. Please take a look at their website (link here) and consider whether 1-2-1 with one of their tutors might be an alternative or an additional support for you. As an example of their prices,  for a tutorials in person, an hour of tutor preparation time, and a one hour meeting, based on a submission of 200 lines of poetry will cost £100.