Money gone out 2018

Domain name for Bath Writers and Artists Group £25.65  paid by Sue Boyle card
Upgrade to keep advertisements off site £29  paid by Sue Boyle 21 March 2018 card
BRLSI Room Hire owed for 5 Meetups in BRLSI £886.80   paid by Sue Boyle cheque
BRLSI Room Hire owed for 2 Meetups in BRLSI £ 373.8 to be paid by Sue Boyle by cheque



Money come in  2018

Subscriptions from 20 writers as listed on blog  £1,800 received by March 2018 into Sue Boyle account


Money in hand 21 March 2018

£858.55 from which one further day’s room hire for January meetup to be found from Sue Boyle account, plus month on month printing costs for workshops, programmes etc.

24 March printing £9.50
19 May printing £5.85
26th July printing £10.75
6th October printing £