Building the Kelston Barn

Workshop Project September 2017

Kelston PanoramaOn Saturday 24th March 2018, we shall be creating the first ever performance of the collaborative poem which grew from the afternoon of poetry shared last September by 26 of us in William Heath’s magnificent Kelston Barn.

Written by

ANN PRESTON, ROSIE JACKSON, CAROLINE HEATON, CLAIRE COLEMAN, ANDREW LAWRENCE, PHIL SHEPHERD, LOUISE GREEN, TESSA STRICKLAND, CONOR WHELAN, WILLIAM HEATH, MARGARET HEATH and others, the poem will be performed by those of the original writers who are able to join us, with the help of subscribers to the Bath Writers and Artists Group.

BATH WRITERS AND ARTISTS subscriber GRAEME RYAN from Taunton, who is an experienced director,  will be helping us to stage this really special piece  and we will also be delighted to receive input and  support from any musicians in the room.

Moon Rising over Kelston

A 98.7% Waxing Gibbous moon rising over Kelston Roundhill near Bath, UK on 13 November 2016

Landscape photographer MATT PROSSER is creating a suite of photographs especially for the March performance. Matt is a very versatile photographer.  Those of us needing (and dreading the taking of ) publicity photos might be very pleased that Bath Writers & Artists has found such a friendly associate.


Matt’s Biography for Bath Writers & Artists Group


Self portrait with some light retouching using frequency seperation

Matt Prosser is an accomplished amateur photographer living in Keynsham where he has enviable views of Kelston Roundhill. This iconic landmark is an obvious draw for local photographers and Matt’s photos soon caught the attention of the owner of the ‘Tump’. When the Old Barn at Kelston was renovated Matt was invited to take architectural photographs of the building and surrounding landscape for promotion of the barn as a communal space for hire. This successful project led to a more formal association as a photographer for Kelston Records, where highly gifted and original musicians who are moved by themes of community, place, landscape and the environment record live gigs in the Old Barn. This association with ‘true’ artistic talent has inspired Matt to continually develop his craft and his collaboration with the Bath Artists and Writers Group is an opportunity to continue in this quest. The photographs on show will include some new images commissioned specifically for this event as well as past photos of the Old Barn, the Roundhill, its flora and fauna, and the people and events that bring it alive. To find out more about Matt’s photography visit his website at