Competition Placings


AMA BOLTON : 3rd place, Battered Moons 2017 (a poem inspired by “The Isle of the Dead”); highly commended Bradford-on-Avon competition 2017; commended, Poetry Space competition 2017; winner of a recent Cinnamon Press mini-competition; highly commended Torbay Festival Competition 2016 ; commended Cafe Writers Competition 2016.

MARILYN FRANCIS : had a poem shortlisted in the York Mix Competition

LOUISE GREEN : First Prize Torbay Festival Competition 2016

LESLEY SAUNDERS ‘The Suit of Stars’ shortlisted for the Cookham Festival Stanley Spencer competition; ‘On Not Knowing’ accepted for Poetry News (Members’ Poems) Spring 2017.

RUTH SHARMAN : Templar Poetry’s Straid Collection Award for 2016

JUNE WENTLAND : Second Prize Torbay Festival Competition 2016


LEMN SISSAY will be judging this year’s Bridport Prize, one of the major competition landmarks in the poetry calendar.  He says, “It feelemn-sissay-by-aida-mulunehls difficult to say what I am looking for in your poems because to find what I didn’t realise I was  looking for is the experience of reading a good poem.  Except to say I want your poem to electrify me, seduce me, grip me by the neck, carry me, whisper to me and sing to me. All of these things or one of them and much more. I am in the privileged and honored position of being your reader. I come to your work with an open mind and heart in the hope that I will be moved by your words”.

Lemn was the official poet for the 2012 London Olympics and the 2015 FA Cup. His Landmark Poems are installed throughout Manchester and London in venues such as The Royal Festival Hall and The Olympic Park. Bishop Desmond Tutu unveiled his landmark poem ‘Gilt of Cain’. In 2015 his Desert Island Discs was pick of the year for BBC Radio 4. He is Chancellor of the University of Manchester. His life story is nothing short of incredible. Google “Lemn Sissay” and all the returning hits will be about him.