Ann Preston is working towards a pamphlet inspired by her quotation ‘in search of words, I came to look at pictures’.  I thought it would be nice to acknowledge our published ekphrastic poems on this blog by posting up the images and links to places they can be found. Last year’s Holburne Museum anthology, From Palette to Pen, had poems by three Project 2017 writers.  The Bath Poetry Cafe anthology, The Listening Walk has another one of mine. Please add  or mail me titles and images for this Ekphrastic Page and its pictorial links. The format is below, giving a link from the poem title to the separate image Page. (I have done the three Holburne images to show you how it works and started a line for Robin Thomas in hope he will be able to provide the image for the powerful poem in his recent Eyewear pamphlet, A Fury of Yellow.)

Below  is a note from MICHAEL LOVEDAY about the workshop Martyn Crucefix gave recently at the Holburne Museum, with a link to Martyn’s blog where he discusses different approaches to writing ekphrastic poetry.

“By way of finishing on a different note, here are some blog posts by the poet, translator and critic Martyn Crucefix, in which he discusses “Ekphrastic Poetry”, which is a topic many Project 2017 poets are tackling, and I hope some of you would find interesting:


Martyn identifies 14 types of ekphrastic poem in these articles. It would be interesting to find out (from those of you who are writing ekphrastic poems) which of the 14 types you tend to write, and why; and also whether you feel there are types of ekphrastic poem that you feel he has ignored….”

SUE BOYLE : Susini’s Bronze ( From Palette to Pen 2016)

SUE BOYLE Max Ernst Image One  ( February 25th follow-up) 

SUE BOYLE Max Ernst Image Two  (February 25th follow-up)

CLAIRE DYER : The Sitting ( From Palette to Pen 2016)

MARILYN FRANCIS : Mrs De Chirico Goes Shopping ( Hastings Modern Art Beach Book, 2011)

MARK HAWORTH-BOOTH : cover design for Wild is the Wind , 2017

ANN PRESTON : In Her Father’s Study 

ANN PRESTON : Pisanello’s Vision of St Eustace 

LESLEY SAUNDERS : Conversation Piece ( From Palette to Pen 2016)

LINDA SAUNDERS : Perfume (From Palette to Pen 2016)

LINDA SAUNDERS :Beadwork Basket c. 1660 ( Poetry Salzburg Review

RUTH SHARMAN : Eve Speaks  ( Scarlet Tiger, 2016) 

RUTH SHARMAN : Arnold Böcklin’s Isle of the Dead, 1883 ( Scarlet Tiger 2016) 

ROBIN THOMAS : Christ Taking Leave of His Mother ( A Fury of Yellow 2016)

ROBIN THOMAS : And These Gentleman ( Poetry Cafe Competition 2015 )