Graeme Ryan*

Graeme with Chair of Bath and North East Somerset Council at the Bath Writers & Artists inaugural meetup on 24th March 2018. Graeme is holding the script of the  Bathscape collaborative poem, Building the Kelston Barn, which he directed that afternoon.

Chair Cherry Beath & Director Graeme Ryan

MEET UPS : February, May, July

PROJECT ONE : Writing and assembling a pamphlet of poems for hoped-for publication – rough working title ‘Lintel’. 

Standing in a dream in the sea-tunnels, hearing the first knock of the tide out there, the first nudge, then waking to the metal sea-roar of the motorway. Danse Sacre et Danse Profane. Rainbow of petrol and a halo round the moon. The gleam and stink of kelp. A key dropped between rocks in the dark. Wet footprints spelling Kardia Gnosis. Pavement or sand?’

PROJECT TWO : Verse-drama meets film noir 

QUOTE : Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut (Click quotation to hear the Debussy piece.)



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