Morag Kiziewicz
MEET UPS: May, August

PROJECT: To submit some poems and address my reluctance to complete projects and poems and to “put them out there”. Many writers have projects running in parallel, as I do. This year I am writing a column, Electric Blue for Tears in the Fence, attending Rosie Jackson’s excellent memoir writing workshop and developing several potential poetry pamphlets, one of which is based on an arts project I undertook between 2010 and 2014, However I have only submitted one poem this year, Hi Tracey, which happily was published in Tears in the Fence issue 65. I used to think it was fear of rejection that prevented me from submitting my work, now I recognise we all share that experience and yet I still have not sent my poems out. I wonder if it is more the 3 ps of perfectionism, procrastination, paralysis or my inner critic. I hope working with you all will help me to overcome my resistance and look forward to updating you on progress.




One comment on “Morag Kiziewicz

  1. Yes, Morag – I certainly share with you the reluctance to finish a project! My album was recorded and mixed NEARLY THREE MONTHS AGO but I’ve been faffing around with cover artwork to avoid the terrifying necessity of “pushing the red button” and sending it irrevocably into production……


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