Saturday 28th March 2020

I very much regret that, for public health reasons, we have had to cancel this event. I hope we shall be able to reschedule the meeting in happier times.    For updates, please see the Page for September 26th.                                                – Ama


Curated by AMA BOLTON with Graeme Ryan and Ali Bacon
Morning in the Lonsdale Room / Afternoon in the Duncan Room 

AMA BOLTON, a former member of the Liverpool School of Language Music Dream and Pun, is the Poetry Society Stanza Rep for Wells. She has performed at Bath Fringe, Bristol, Wells, Swindon, Winchester and Aldeburgh festival events and at Keats House and The Poetry Café in London. Her poems have appeared in various magazines and on-line and in anthologies including Bridport Prize 2008, when she won 3rd prize: in other years she has been on the Bridport short-list four times. She appears irregularly on Glastonbury FM. In her chequered career she has been a singer/bass-player in a bluegrass band, computer programmer, caterer, textile artist, teacher, homeopath’s assistant, artists’ model and gardener. She edits and publishes her own and other people’s poetry in small handmade editions.

Please see GRAEME RYAN’s page here.

The morning session (10am – 12.30) will consist of warm-up, rehearsal and performance of an abridged version of Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, directed by Graeme. On this occasion the emphasis will be on honing our speaking skills. All subscribers are welcome to take part, and visitors are welcome from 12 noon.

For the afternoon (1.15 – 4.30, with a tea-break) we have taken the topic “Sea”, and wait to see what gets washed up on the shores of our imagination. Art is welcome in the form of photos or paintings or drawings for the slideshow. I’d love to see a collaboration between a writer and a visual artist. Nothing is off-limits: wild-swimming, pollution, sea levels rising, the sea as a metaphor for the deep unconscious, scuba diving, reefs and wrecks, sea creatures, storms; these are just a few that come to mind. The many themes touched on in the Ancient Mariner itself may prompt new work. Visitors are welcome to join the audience.


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This is a link to a totally remarkable representation of the scale of the ocean made by NEAL AGARWAL, and shared recently by AMA BOLTON on her Facebook Page.  If you missed Ama’s sharing , do access it on the link above.  You will be amazed, enriched and humbled by what you see.  Promise!!!


Subscribers so for booked in for the morning workshop:

Graeme Ryan
Ama Bolton
Ali Bacon
Verona Bass
Eileen Cameron
Claire Coleman
Ann Cullis
Morag Kiziewicz
Andrew Lawrence
Ann Preston
Janet Snowdon

Subscribers so far booked in for the afternoon performance, with their suggested contributions:

Ama Bolton (curator) – some poems
Graeme Ryan (co-curator) – some poems
Ali Bacon (co-curator) Silver Harvest fishing communities of Victorian Edinburgh in words (my own) and images (by others) – and maybe something new
Verona Bass – some sea writing
Sue Boyle Candles for the Kursk / At Sea / The Sailor’s Wife /The Rising Tide (one of!)
Eileen Cameron – sequence Giant Clam, with illustrations
Ann Preston – some poems
Claire Coleman – some poems
Andrew Lawrence – song
Ann Cullis – Turner’s sea paintings
Morag Kiziewicz – extracts from memoir
Penny Gardiner (audience)
Janet Snowdon – some sea writing
Linda Saunders – extract from memoir

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