Our Projects

To find out more about our projects, click the links below.

SARAH BARR : a pamphlet or a full collection of poetry ( 15 January

VERONA BASS: to complete my memoir, Morning of My Life. ( 28 December )

AMA BOLTON: to write a poetry review a month during 2017. ( 29 December )

SUE BOYLE: to write a first novel of which I am not ashamed (21 December ) 

SUE CHADD : to succeed in magazines & create a new anthology ( 13th January)

MARILYN FRANCIS : to crack the secret of magazine publishing ( 6 January )

LOUISE GREEN : two projects as outlined on link Page ( 21 January)

SARAH GREGORY : the interaction between pictures and poems in a book.(11 January )

MICHAEL LOVEDAY : pamphlet, biographical and autobiographical ( 8 January )

JANET McCLEAN : working towards  a first pamphlet of poetry and prose  (6 March ) 

ANN PRESTON: to work on the creation of a first poetry pamphlet.(29 December )

JOHN RICHARDSON: four different projects  as outlined on link Page ( 29 December) 

LESLEY SAUNDERS: work on translations of a major Portuguese Poet ( 6 January ) 

LINDA SAUNDERS : developing a sequence of poems (11 January )

RUTH SHARMAN : poems by and inspired by Phillippe Jaccottet (19 January) 

SUSAN JANE SIMS: work on a second collection of poems. ( 28 December )

JUNE WENTLAND : three projects as outlined on link Page ( 8 January)