proposals for afternoons…

Saturday 24th March

Dr Mark Sims’ book launch organised by Sue Sims

Group performance of the Kelston Barn Compilation with Barn Workshop and Morning Workshop participants, and slideshow created by landscape photographer Mark Prosser. Graeme Ryan to direct. With Andrew Lawrence, Ann Preston, Conor Whelan, William Heath, Margaret Heath…..( waiting to hear from other likely participants )

Working with Illustration : Sue Boyle . Short talk on collaboration with Bath artist, Jude Wisdom, with slides,  and report back fromThe Letters of Mexico launch at the Teignmouth Festival of Poetry 2018.


Saturday 19th May

Claire Dyer introduces her latest novel ‘The Last Day’ which will be published by The Dome Press on 15th February 2018.

Shirley Wright introduces her latest collection


 Saturday 28th July

Ama Bolton reports back on her journey to  St Kilda

Group readings from a new translation of the Odyssey


 Saturday 6th October

Miranda Pender voice & guitar I


 Saturday 24th November

Miranda Pender voice & guitar II

Sue Boyle will present The Letters from Mexico with slide illustrations by Jude Wisdom, musical contributions from Miranda Pender and direction by Graeme Ryan.



Saturday January ?????? : 

Cannot be programmed yet because date not set