Rachael Clyne

MEET UPS : July, August

PROJECT : What I thought would be my project, has resolved into a pamphlet: Girl Golem, which has now been submitted along with hundreds of others, to Poetry Business and awaiting its fate. So I am unclear what’s next, another collection? Being published is something most poets aim for, but then what? I think the best way I can describe it, is whether I can break through to the next level. Is my poetry improving in quality, or is this realistically as far as I can expect to go? I know I’m never going to be a Pascale Petit, or a Denise Riley, but am I the best I can be? It’s not just about writing, perhaps there’s also a silent psychological barrier, one that has dogged me through different creative journeys – is success (whatever that means) too threatening? Maybe this is my project – to find out. I look forward to the two sessions I’m able to join.

QUOTE : Grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change what I can and wisdom to know the difference. (from the Serenity Prayer used in AA and other fellowships). I find this the wisest advice.

PROGRESS REPORT : I made several submissions this summer, managed to reach the last six of a pamphlet competition, only three to be published. Despite disappointment at getting so close, I found it encouraging. I have poems in current issues of Tears in the Fence and Obsessed With Pipework and due to have three in Shearsman in October. I will be reading at Dartington in September with other Devon poets and have a small slot at Swindon Poetry Festival.


Rachael Clyne


2 comments on “Rachael Clyne

  1. I think ‘ is success too threatening?’ may be holding many of us back including myself. Failure is also threatening! Do please share any answers you may find.


  2. rachaelcly says:

    In my case it’s a whole pile of disappointments and frustration from my acting career that created a complex of defences, as well as expectations heaped upon me when young. Includes: Not caring, what’s the point? giving in/up, sabotaging, grandiosity, needing reassurance, over-competitive, envy. It’s time they went.


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