Saturday 21 November 2020


Curated by ANN CULLIS
Morning in the Lonsdale Room / Afternoon in the Elwin Room 

ANN CULLIS has decided to postpone her Modernism Day into next year and will be creating her “November” Day around the project she mailed to subscribers a few days ago.

Those of you who are updating yourselves on these calendar Pages will understand that “November” is a notional month, meaning simply the month in which we have our THIRD meetup after we reconvene.

Here is a copy of Ann’s email with a link to a Page where the fuller details can be seen. ( Subscribers are already in possession of both these docs. Nothing has been changed.)

Hello Bath Writers and Artists

This is a new project I’ve devised that everyone can take part in, and which will keep us amused over the great strangeness of this spring and summer of 2020.

I hope you will find it fun, creative, and stimulating to the mind. And if you don’t want to take part as a contributor, you still get to read and enjoy everyone else’s work – so in that sense we will all be participants.

Because we’ve been making changes to the Saturday dates, I’ve decided to defer my November day on modernism to next year – but please keep Saturday 20 November in your diaries because I hope we can make your contributions to this project into a ‘show’ or sharing. We’ll decide about that in the summer when I’ve got a feel for how much material we’ve got.

So – the project is called Baker’s Dozen because there are 13 things to do

It’s a sort of magazine or anthology, with each participant creating their own anthology to share, with a mixture of your own creative work (writing or art), and selecting and interpreting work by others. Your Baker’s Dozen will give us a delightful insight into you – your passions, your tastes, your interests – and in so doing will introduce us all to art, music, films and other cultural experiences we didn’t know. What could be nicer!

I will circulate each of our Baker’s Dozens as and when they come in. If lots come in over a short time, I will phase sending them out so we have time to enjoy each of them properly before getting the next one.

Please see this linked Page to see exactly what to do. And in the meantime, a picture to start things off….