Saturday 26 September 2020


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Curated by SUE BOYLE with PETER REASON, if available 
Morning in the Lonsdale Room / Afternoon in the Duncan Room 

We devoted two of our 2019 meetups to the climate catastrophe, sharing some of our most moving hours as we spoke and presented our different truths.  This link will take you to the report on the July Day which was sent in afterwards by eleven of the contributors.  

The September 26 Day will pick up the threads from those first two Days and build on the presentation Peter Reason is currently planning for the 2020 Bath Fringe Festival. 

I will be glad to hear from all subscribers how they would like to share this September Day and what they would like to offer to the programme I curate. 

There will be scope for a powerpoint presentation in the afternoon.

Please email me if you are interested.                                                                SUE BOYLE



The catastrophe engulfing Venice as I write this ( November 2019) will almost certainly determine my personal contribution to this day and I will be very pleased to involve other subscribers in curating something on this theme.

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