Saturday 27th June

An extra workshop Day in the Murch Room which has been made possible by the subscriptions which came in after we made our first set of bookings at the BRLSI. Suggestions how best to use this opportunity will be very welcome.

Early e-conversations are suggesting that the best use for this pleasantly small scale extra Day might be a ‘Work in Progress’ session where 10 subscribers bring along writings they would like to share. We would hear/read all the brought-in pieces, discuss them if writers would welcome that, give detailed feedback ( again, if asked!) and consider how they could best be presented to an audience. We could also use prompts from subscribers’ work to spark off some new writing within the compass of the Day.

Suitcase from Vienna by Les Benson
following shared presentation of Report from the Judenplatz on February 1st 2020

This ‘Work in Progress’ format has produced some marvellous workshops in the past and will leave room for Suitcase Challenge pieces without being prescriptive. In principle, it also leaves the door open for climate change poems, but please note Miranda’s heartfelt plea below!

It will be equally suitable for prose writers, poets, facts and fictions, and for subscribers who would like to share their graphic work.

from Sue Boyle

1st in Miranda Pender : not climate catastrophe please!
2 Feb Marilyn Francis : suitcase workshop
4 Feb Eileen Cameron
4 Feb Claire Coleman
4 Feb Ali Bacon : not climate catastrophe please!

Sue Sims, Ama Bolton, Verona Bass