Saturday 27th June

An extra workshop Day in the Murch Room which has been made possible by the subscriptions which came in after we made our first set of bookings at the BRLSI.

As part of the events redesign that has become necessary during the lockdown, I have decided to make this Day available to PETER REASON and the subscribers who wanted to work with him on the Bath Fringe presentation ( which had to be cancelled ) and also to those who are taking part in the ongoing CLIMATE CONVERSATION which was to form the basis of part of my curated September Day.

There will only be room for twelve people to participate in this Day as it is in the Murch Room both morning and afternoon, but this could make for a very rewarding Day of sharing thoughts and work.

The Murch Room has a powerpoint screen, but the blackout is very inadequate so I am suggesting that this Day should be devoted to the spoken and sung word.

We cannot know whether the date of 27th June is the actual day when this booking will be realised, but a Murch Day is usually readily available for those who would like to book in. I suggest early reservations by subscribers who know they would be hoping to participate. When we know who wants to book in, Peter Reason and I will co-curate this Day.

from Sue Boyle