Saturday 29th June 2019

Gala Day with morning and afternoon meetups in the Elwin Room

£264.00 paid

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We had hoped that almost all subscribers would have been able to contribute to this Gala programme, but unfortunately 7 subscribers will be away.  We will miss them all, very much, but it does mean an unusual richness of presentation, discussion and feedback time in the Elwin Room for all the rest of us!

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There will be rehearsal with audio and powerpoint equipment and feedback opportunities for everyone during the morning which will be a very welcome opportunity for those of us who feel we want to improve our skills.  During the morning session, VERONA BASS and ANN PRESTON will share readings with us as part of this.

SUE SIMS will be away and will delegate teas and room management
MARILYN FRANCIS will also be away
MIRANDA PENDER will be away
CONOR WHELAN will be away
ANDREW LAWRENCE will be away
MARGARET HEATH will be away
JUNE WENTLAND will be away