Saturday 30 May 2020


Curated by ANN PRESTON with Verona Bass and Eileen Cameron
Morning in the Murch room / Afternoon in the Duncan Room 


All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.

Charles Causley borrowed the title Secret Destinations for a collection of his later poetry from this quotation from Martin Buber. Causley may be best known for poems like ‘Timothy Winters’ that appeal to children and adults alike, but his later work includes a great deal of travel writing and is concerned with more personal themes.

Although Causley does not have such a high profile as some of his contemporaries, he is highly regarded by other writers. Andrew Motion has said that he would give anything to have written the last line of Causley’s poem ‘Eden Rock’ about the memory of his parents and Roger McGough recently included the same poem in a 40th Anniversary edition of Poetry Please.

In the morning workshop we shall examine a cross-section of the poems from Secret Destinations in detail. In the afternoon I want to free up the title so that subscribers may apply it to a wide range of subject matter. This might include, for example, travel (spiritual and physical), personal relationships or any kind of personal or artistic journey.

If you would like to contribute in any way to the afternoon programme please email me with your ideas. 
Ann Preston


Charles Causley


Booked in for the morning workshop:
Verona Bass
Ali Bacon
Eileen Cameron
Ann Cullis

Afternoon contributors:
Ali Bacon, reflections on journeys home.
Ama Bolton
Sue Boyle
Ann Cullis, the hardship of 17th & 18th century travel.