Sue Chadd*

MEET UPS: January, July, August, September


1) Magazine publication: towards a new anthology. Since I became ill with ovarian cancer in 2013 I have not been sending my work out as regularly as I would have liked. I have had some success in a few poetry competitions and as a member of VER Poetry Society. Now I feel I need to polish the poems I have written during that time, and start sending out to magazines and getting my name known once more. The end result, I hope will be a new collection of my work, working title ‘Confluence’.

2) Apples and Orchards Anthology .


Publishing: I recently heard that I have had a poem, ‘In a Devon Lane’, about a ghostly encounter with Sylvia Plath, accepted for publication in the next issue of ‘South Magazine’.

Appearances: Along with Anne Heyhoe and other creative people of Malmesbury, I recently appeared in a film called Malmesbury Perspectives, in which I talked about the origins of my passion for poetry and read a couple of poems from my second collection, Releasing the Rook. It was screened on 23rd August in the Town Hall as part of Malmesbury Carnival and Arts Festival.

Apple and Orchards Anthology:

This project has rather stalled over the last few months due to health problems and family commitments. However, I am now on the case again, and am contacting contributors with an up-date, re-reading submissions and starting the editorial process. I am also madly writing up the traditional apple stories I have collected. I need to get my head round contacting the authors and estates of well known poets that I would like to feature, to sort out copyright issues.

I will shortly be putting out a call to artists and photographers to find a suitable cover illustration and black and white sketches to support the text.


Since January I have been editing and sending poems out to magazines such as South, The Interpreter’s House, and Graffiti. Haven’t heard so far how they have fared. I have also done a fair bit of writing new poems but they are very raw!

Another contact I have made is with Swindon Art Gallery and Museum Art Gallery with a view to getting some of the poems I wrote a while ago featured alongside the works of modern art they are based on. They may be suitable for the Ekphrastic collection!

The Apples and Orchards project is going well and the flow of poems has slowed down now. After Easter I intend to start making my selections. So if you haven’t submitted anything yet but would like to, please email me with attachments to My search for traditional stories about apples is also going well and I have unearthed quite a few unusual ones to add to the standard collection.

Apples and Orchards Project

As a poet and storyteller I have long been obsessed with growing and eating the wealth of varieties the British apple has to offer. As a tribute to our national fruit I am compiling an anthology, hoping to complete and publish before Apple Day in October 2017.

The Anthology is to be a mixture of traditional apple stories and poems so if you have any favourites I should not leave out, do let me know! Also if you have any poems of your own about English apples and orchards and would like your work to be included please feel free to email me.

I am happy to include poems already published but will need details of where they have appeared and your permission to re-publish them, if they are selected.’

Please contact her by email.

QUOTE : It is a fine thing to plant an orchard,

And raise up young trees,

To bear sweet fruits,

It’s the leaf and the petal,

It’s the star and the circle,

Bless the branch, bless the blossom, bless the roots.’

With kind permission from Talis Kimberley: Chorus from her song ‘The Orchard’, performed on her album ‘Queen of Spindles’.


The White Hare4

The White Hare by Sue Chadd

7 comments on “Sue Chadd*

  1. janetmcclean says:

    Stunning poem Sue, loved it.


  2. barleybooks says:

    Terrific poem, Sue, with the primitive power of a folk ballad but more sophisticated language, all the words well-chosen.


  3. susancarey says:

    Sue, this poem gives me goose pimples. Such vivid imagery and the hint of familiars and witch-like magic gives another dimension.

    On another note I have an apple-inspired story about the tradition of wassailing which might be of interest for you in your anthology?
    Thanks for a lovely day last week! And hope the poetry evening went well.
    love from Ang xxx


  4. michael loveday says:

    Wonderful poem Sue. Sorry you couldn’t make our May meetup. We’d been asked to bring in any poems about hares – hopefully we might get to discuss them at a future session. I brought in a couple from David Harsent’s ‘Lepus’ sequence in his collection ‘Marriage’ (Faber & Faber, 2002). Do you know it? a sequence of 20 poems about hares – often edgy and unsettling material. I believe he writes about them quite often. The acknowledgements page also references a book by John Layard, called ‘The Lady of the Hare’ – of which Harsent says “to which I am indebted…”


  5. A deliciously sinister poem, Sue. I look forward to meeting you on Saturday.


  6. Congratulations on the poem in ‘South’, Sue! – a really good magazine.


  7. marilynfrancis7 says:

    And congratulations from me, Sue! And thank you for the Art Gallery poem, it dovetails nicely with the kind of things I’m thinking about for the Victoria Art Gallery project. I was delighted to see that dragons appear in your poem. I’ve been having problems with dragons.


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