These workshops are offered by subscribers to the Bath Writers and Artists Group, but are NOT part of the subscription series and are held in a variety of places, most often NOT in the BRLSI.   Contact the workshop provider, or click the given links,  for further details than you see here.

Saturday 13th January 2018 MICHAEL LOVEDAY will be running a workshop on Seamus Heaney in Frome (at the ‘Cheese and Grain’ venue) on Saturday week (13th) from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

It will be very accessible – we’ll read some of his poems, prose, interviews etc, (put in the context of his contemporaries / predecessors too) and listen to some audio recordings. No advance preparation required! Lots of handouts to take away. 

Saturday 10th February 2018 MICHAEL LOVEDAY Raymond Carver workshop  in Frome (at the ‘Cheese and Grain’ venue) on Saturday week (13th) from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

September 2018 SUE BOYLE will be running a Guest Workshop for the Moor Poets in Devon called  STEPPING OUTSIDE THE WORLD.  Date and venue still to be arranged.

A successful work of art bridges invites us to leave behind our daily lives and customary preoccupations, to forget ourselves for a while  and to inhabit the space created by the artist as if it were our own. As writers we want to offer our readers and listeners that gift of entry to a different world. But often we also want our poems to do ‘more’ than just provide a fragment of memoir, a moment of personal memory, or an arresting anecdote.  But what  does this idea of ‘saying something’ of wider significance really mean? How do writers achieve this revelation of the universal in the particular which makes their poems ‘sing’ in their readers’ and listeners’ imagination long after they have closed the page? This workshop will explore and experiment with different poets’ strategies for using personal experience to move beyond – behind – beneath memoir and anecdote to create the kind of writing which has the mysterious universality which resonates and reaches the reader’s heart.