***Names with no link colouring have not yet sent in materials for their Page 

SARA-JANE ARBURY Workshops May, July, January 

CHRISSY BANKS Workshops March, October, November 

Hosted  Chair of the Council, Councillor Cherry Beath 24th March.

VERONA BASS Workshops March, May ( extra ) November, January 

AMA BOLTON Workshops May, July, October 

Pass on a Poet (W.S.Merwin) 19th May


Ran morning workshop 24th March. Introduction to Patrick Kavanagh poems (with Nikki Kenna ) 24th March.


SUE CHADD Workshops May, July, October 

CLAIRE COLEMAN Workshops July, November, January 

 CLAIRE DYER Workshops March, May, and one other  

Pass on a Poet ( Elizabeth Bishop) and own Launch Reading 19th May.

MARILYN FRANCIS Workshops March, July, January  

LOUISE GREEN Workshops May, October, January   

SARAH GREGORY  Workshops March, May, January

Hosted  Chair of the Council, Councillor Cherry Beath 24th March.

Planned & Hosted Homeric Afternoon 14th July 2018

***NIKKI KENNA Workshops March, October, November 

Introduction to Patrick Kavanagh poems ( with Sue Boyle) 24th March.

MICHAEL LOVEDAY Workshops July, October, November 

MIRANDA PENDER Workshops October, November, January  

ANN PRESTON Workshops March, July, October  

GRAEME RYAN  Workshops March, May, November  

Directed ‘Building the Kelston Barn’ 24th March.

LINDA SAUNDERS Workshops March, July, November  

SUSAN JANE SIMS  Workshops May, October, November 

Launch presentation Mark Sims’ memoir with slides 24th March.  Talk about Hawthornden Castle writing fellowships 19th May.

TESSA STRICKLAND Workshops March, July, October 

Presentation Bathscape project at Kelston Barn ( with William Heath and Matt Prosser) 24th March

 ***HARRY THURSTON  Workshops March, May, July 

Reading 3 poems by Patrick Kavanagh 24th March.  Pass on a Poet (Helen Dunmore) 19th May.

JUNE WENTLAND Workshops July, October, January 

***SHIRLEY WRIGHT Workshops May, November, January  

Pass on a Poet (Michael Symmons Roberts) and own Launch Reading 19th May